Friday, July 17, 2009

Beautiful Flea Market Treasures

I love this potato and onion bin. I got it for $10. at my favorite flea market. Then I went to the Dollar Tree and got three little plastic baskets to hold my potatoes, yams, onions, shallots, and garlic. You can also view how we buy honey by the jug. :-) And the rice, if it is not Basmati, is not real rice, according to our opinion.

I also found this cast iron Dutch Oven, this little stainless steel sauce pan, and this flour canister, ahem, ice bucket. Of course, when buying previously used pots and pans, one has to follow certain rules to ensure that they are tahir, or purified. If it's likely that forbidden meat was cooked in such pots and pans, one must say "Bismillah," and wash them each seven times with hot, soapy water and the intention to sterilize all impure elements from them. Only after this process is completed may we use them to cook our food. Otherwise our food will potentially be contaminated by residual forbidden animal fat that could be lingering in them. If it is certain that a dog has eaten out of the utensil, one must first scrub it out with sand, before beginning the ordinary sterilization process for previously-used kitchen utensils.

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