Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flat Bread Pizza

My husband brought some authentic Iraqi flatbread back from Nashville, which we have kept in the freezer to preserve freshness. So I assembled the pizza with the bread still frozen. It worked out great, because the bread did not get over-done before the pizza was  ready. This flatbread is not the same as pita bread, it has no pocket. The summer sausage was an accident. I asked my husband to bring me halal hot dogs, and this is what he got me, so I figured out a way to use it.

1 8-oz. package Italian cheese blend
Alfredo sauce, any brand
Spaghetti sauce of your choice
Halal Summer Sausage

Iraqi style flatbread, Alfredo Sauce, Italian cheese, halal summer sausage

Iraqi style flatbread, Spaghetti sauce, Italian cheese blend, Halal summer sausage

Only one slice was left of this one, when I got the camera to the finished pizza. This was the one with spaghettie sauce, and it was finished first, so it got eaten first.

This is the one with the alfredo sauce. It was finished last, so I got to it with the camera before it was eaten.


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  2. Hello. I'm not sure who you are, or what your important needs are. You may post comments here if you want to. I moderate all comments so I won't post it if it is very private.


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